About Us
GreenSouth Recycling

Experienced Pallet Recycler in Georgia

GreenSouth Recycling is located just outside of Atlanta, serving all of Georgia. We recycle and manufacture all types of pallets made of various materials like cardboard, metal, and plastics. Our mission is to become a full-service logistics provider that is reliable, dependable, and innovative, driving our customers toward operational efficiency.

Our Team

Our management team has over 30 years of experience, and we welcome new opportunities to expand our service area. We encourage your inquiries from all over the continental United States. Our experts think outside of the box to develop & fulfill unique pallet programs.

GreenSouth Recycling

Community Responsibility

GreenSouth Recycling strongly believes in reinvesting in the communities of our customers and their employees with whom we partner. This is why GreenSouth proudly supports and participates in the following organizations within our community: